About me

Hello! I am Bobby Bodhi, an artist, illustrator and designer based in the UK and I tell stories, visual stories. My way of telling stories may appear more metaphorical and abstract, to me that is what brings out true beauty of each artwork I paint. These paintings are normally inspired from personal journeys, lessons and experiences that I have had. I have carefully chosen subjects and medium that represent freedom, fluidity and growth that is not controlled in any ways and journeys forward with liberation. I create most of my artworks with watercolours. I love how watercolours are not easily controlled or tamed, instead it flows however it can and has its own art to itself. Therefore, the subjects I paint also portrays freedom and being in control which compliments my medium.

I have graduated with an Architecture degree from Manchester School of Architecture. Although I’ve studied architecture, I also studied the language of design which may shadow in some of my artwork.

I have been drawing and painting since a very young age. I am a self taught artist who has been in love with painting for a very long time. I have continued painting after graduation as I believe I can share my experiences and feelings through art that may inspire or have a positive impact on others. When I paint, my attempt is always to evoke viewer's emotions by painting subjects that do not belong together and to tell a story.

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